Umit Kutluk Atelier

Umit Kutluk offers a unique and relaxing experience in his Atelier. Situated centrally in the Capital, on the first floor of a magnificent Georgian house in stylish Merrion Square, the relaxed grandeur of the exquisite period rooms offers clients the perfect surroundings to explore, create and develop ideas for their bespoke couture and bridal gowns.

Every design is an individual collaboration between Kutluk and client, ensuring the creation of a unique piece reflecting the client’s tastes and specific requirements, while benefiting from being guided by Kutluk’s personal expertise and versatile knowledge of couture.

Each gown is designed specifically for each client – there is no in-house style, rather every design starts with a blank canvas, the client’s ideas and the designer’s creative and responsive direction. Kutluk firmly believes that a successful design can only come from harmonious collaboration with the client and their complete involvement in every stage of the design in the Atelier.

Umit Kutluk Fashion Designer

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