Umit Kutluk Bridal

The designer creates a quintessential bridal experience. Situated on the first floor of the magnificent Georgian building,
27 Merrion Square amidst it’s relaxed grandeur provides a unique and serene setting to discuss and develop the creation of the wedding gown.

The bespoke gown is an artistic collaboration between Kutluk and the client, deriving inspiration from both bride and designer.
This combination ensures the creation of a unique piece true to the client’s tastes, while attaining the designers expertise and couture knowledge.

The bridal gown begins as a blank canvas as both Kutluk and client develop their vision.

As a hands on designer, Kutluk takes pride in the fit of every dress and creates the most flattering shape for each individual bride.
The bespoke piece is crafted from luxurious fabrics, ranging from delicate silks to intricate handmade french lace. In so doing, Kutluk’s designs are recognized by
their sophisticated drama, feminine detailing and a modern approach to bridal design.